Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Projects: Tree Skirt

I bought my fake tree five years ago, for my first Christmas in New Jersey and the first I spent away from my family. The two cats I had at the time loved sleeping under it, so I didn't spend much money on a tree skirt.  In fact, I bought the cheapest one possible: a little red felt number from a big box store.  

Charlotte and Bailey under the tree, Christmas 2008

For my first Christmas in North Carolina and in my exciting new apartment, I wanted something new.  I wanted something cute and colorful with a vintage vibe, but nothing too precious as Bailey still loves to sleep under the tree.

I wanted to use up some of my scrap material, but I ended up supplementing with a few quarters of a yard from a JoAnn's sale.  I sketched up a simple scalloped pattern, and cut out a bunch of red and green wedges.  They are pretty imperfect, but i like it that way!

I was able to use the sleeves from two of the sweaters from the pillow project, and fabric scraps from a few past Halloween costumes.  I stitched the wedges together, alternating red and green.

Once it looked big enough, I layed it out on two yards of this green and red star fabric.  I sewed around and turned it inside out, making a quick and dirty lining for the underside.  I may add batting and quilt it in the future. 

It is a great size for my slim tree, but should fit around future trees.  Check out those peppermints!

What do you think of my tree skirt? 

Sorry for all the delays in posting, I've been caught up in other projects.  Most recently, I made one of two planned winter holiday dresses, and I even wore one to visit Santa.  
What have you been doing to get into the winter holiday spirit?

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