Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 Projects: Hurricane Snowstorms

Hello! Today's project is a pretty simple one, and you could do this yourself using only dollar store items!  I made these little hurricane glasses a few months ago using candle holders and vases from Dollar Tree, glued together with E6000.  I thought I would set up a few little snowy scenes to add to my winter decor, without creating an elaborate christmas village.  This craft also keeps my snow contained, which is great when you have pets (or children!).  You could do this using your own hurricanes, vases, apothecary jars, or just recycled food jars!

Hurricane glasses
Holiday ribbon 
Little trees (bought on clearance after last Christmas)
Holiday village miniatures (3 pack from Dollar Tree)
Epsom salt
double sided tape (not pictured)

First, I set up little scenes in each of the glasses.  I don't want my arrangements to be permanent, so I didn't use any glue to hold them down.  If you have decorative items that aren't staying put, you could always use poster putty to get them to stay put temporarily. 

Once I was happy with my scenes, I poured some epsom salt in each glass, directly over top of my trees and people.  This would be great for kids, and it was actually a lot of fun making it "snow" in each glass.  I poured in enough to cover the bases of the figurines.  

Because I poured the salt right on top, it stuck in some of the tree branches like snow.  I love this look.  

I cut a few pieces of ribbon to further decorate the jars, and attachedm them to the glass with little bits of double sided tape.  The ribbon sticks to the glass well if you apply a bit of pressure.

I chose the ribbon location based on the shape of each glass. 

They don't all "match", but i think they turned out really cute.  Because the candlestick bases are heavy, i'm not worried about them being tipped over.  But even if they are, the epsom salt will vacuum up easily. 

These scenes are going to be a part of my Christmas bar decorations, which is still a work in progress.  

Have you guys started decorating yet?  Do you set up a giant Christmas village? Do your pets ever attack it like Godzilla?

Getting ready to host a big holiday party?  Kristi(e) at Ye Olde Fortress of Awesome has started up her 12 projects series with some adorable drink stirrers! 

Hope you are all having a great December!  Keep it merry!

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  1. I've been nervous about what "Hurricane Snowstorms" could mean since I saw it posted. Living in Jersey these past two years I'm a bit weirded out by hurricanes and snowstorms making babies. VERY ADORABLE and not as terrible as that freak snowstorm last October.