Monday, December 17, 2012

12 Projects: Ornaments

Homemade ornaments are a great personal touch to any Christmas tree.  I know one of my favorite parts of decorating the tree with my family was pulling out the ornaments I had made throughout my childhood.  A few have made their way to my tree at home, but most still stay with my mother.  Like my angel tree topper, they are a part of every Christmas.  Here are a few simple homemade ornaments I tried out this year!

First, I took inspiration from Snowflakes and Dragonflies and her glittered light bulbs that have been going around Pinterest.  I had a few that I had bought a few years ago as replacements and never used.  They've just been sitting in my Christmas box.  

I could have painted them with glitter modge podge like my tree topper, but I wanted to use the big glitter, so I painted each with modge podge and sprinkled the glitter on top. 

I saved the extra glitter from my pine cone mini tree, so they are gold and red.  I also decided to break out my old friend Epsom salt to make a few snowy bulbs.

I wrapped the tops with ribbon and looped it to make a little hanger.  These would look really cute attached to a gift, or hung on a hanger with the stocking of a loved one!  

I also wanted to crochet some stars. I bought some white yarn with silver metallic thread, and used this super simple pattern from summerfete

When I finished the star, I slip stitched up to one point, and chained until I made enough to form a loop, and i slip stitched it closed.

Cute little white star!  These are soft and great for low hanging ornaments around pets and small children.  They are also flat, so they can be mailed inside cards!

Here are some great links to other ornament tutorials!  I hope you find the perfect ornament to place on your tree!

Photo from The Witchcraft
Speaking of ornaments you can mail, this adorable paper craft ornament from The Witchcraft is attached to a card for easy gift giving.  When you pull the string, it turns into a little Christmas tree!  The website is in Japanese, but your browser (I use Google Chrome) can translate it for you.  

Photo from Michele Made Me

Michele Made Me has a great ornament overview, linking to 19 free tutorials she's put out over the last few years, and 3 paid PDFs.  

Photo from Grainline Studios

I am in love with this tiny narwhal ornament from Grainline.  She whipped up a bunch for an ornament exchange, and was sweet enough to share the pattern.  I may have to make one of these for my own tree.

I hope you have found inspiration for something new to grace your tree, or that of friends and family.  

What are your favorite tree ornaments?  Are they homemade or store bought? 

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