Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wish List: Spring Dreams

Well, it's the first official week of spring, though for many of us on the east coast, we've been enjoying shorts and skirt weather on and off for weeks.  It's amazing what a little sunshine and fresh air can do to lift one's mood.  I've been taking my work outside, sitting on my front porch and soaking up spring.

In the spirit of springtime and sunshine, I bring you my first ever blog wish list.  These are just a few things I've seen around that I would love to have.

To Wear:

Photo from Song of Style

Brightly colored jeans.  I've been eyeing this trend since it popped up, and i feel like spring is the perfect time to rock it.  Plus, they should start to be on clearance at stores to make way for summer clothes.

To Ride:

Diamondback Vital hybrid from Road Bike Outlet
A hybrid bike.  I've always loved riding bikes.  I've had pretty horrible luck though, and I've never really upgraded from an inexpensive "mountain bike" from a big box store.  My last attempt at bike ownership had me going for style over substance.  I learned very quickly that a cruiser, while adorable, is not what i'm looking for.  This spring, i'd love to have a good road bike.  It would be nice to be able to ride downtown, or to the train station, as well as around the neighborhood and parks.

To relax:

Photo from Design Mom via Apartment Therapy 

A rocking chair.  A porch rocker, to be specific. I was gifted the money to purchase one from Cracker Barrel last fall for my birthday, but put off making the purchase...and then it was winter.  With spring coming up, I may finally go out and get my porch rocker.

What's on your wishlist for spring?