Friday, December 7, 2012

12 Projects: Mini Trees

Everyone loves mini things, right?  I know I do.  For today's project I decided to make a bunch of mini Christmas trees to add to my holiday decor.  I decided to make two types of trees: pine cone trees, due to the sheer number of pine trees in my town, and some simple cone shaped trees out of cardboard.

Pine cones! I ended up finding three different kinds. I love the giant ones.
Fabric scraps.  I ended up using scraps from the pillow project and my Halloween costume
thin cardboard: I used recycled boxes
ribbon/sparkly trim
pom poms

Cut out your pattern and trace it on to your cardboard. You can also print the pattern out directly onto card stock and use that as the base.  


 Fold over the tab on one side.  If you put tape on the inside of the tab facing out, it will make it easier to tape the cone closed.   Depending on the thickness of the cardboard, you may have to coax it in to the cone shape.


I laid the pattern out on my fabric and cut around it to get the general shape.  This allowed me to center the cables, and is useful for any fabric with a directional design.

I smeared tacky glue all over the center of the cone and lined it up on my fabric.

I glued the fabric one third at a time, so i could keep the cables lined up and pull the fabric tight.

If you have binder clips or clothespins, you can use them to hold the fabric closed while the glue dries.  I didn't have either, so I just used more tape. I used double-sided tape to hold the fabric down on the inside, but you can just trim the fabric to meet the bottom of the cone.

On one of the cones, I laid out lines of double sided tape and wrapped it with this tinsel gift ribbon. You could do this with any kind of ribbon or trim, and this version is super easy!

My cone trees!

The pine cones were super simple!

This large one was decorated with little pompoms, attached with, you guessed it, tacky glue. 

The other big cone was painted with glue and sprinkled with the big red and gold glitter.

Just like the big glitter cone, the two white cones were painted with glue but this time sprinkled with leftover epsom salt from the last project.  I painted the edges of two of the smaller cones with gold and green paint.

My collection of mini trees really helped to round out my bartop display!  You can also see my hurricane snowstorms in their final resting place. The sparkly trees reflect the white lights really nicely!

You can easily make both of these projects your own.  They lend themselves to all kinds of creative embellishment.  You can easily make the cones bigger and smaller to fit your decor.

Are you guys decorating for the holidays?  Have you tried any of my ideas?  Let me know!  Drop me a link to your projects!

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