Monday, November 19, 2012

Pressure to be Perfect

We've all seen those blogs, where the living room is immaculate, every project gets finished on time and the children are cheerful and posed perfectly for pictures.  Is that your life?  It certainly isn't mine.   

There is a definite pressure on bloggers to present a perfect life.  A sparklingly clean home, well behaved children, and stylish outfits every day.  But this pressure doesn't come from outside sources, but from ourselves. Sure, there are plenty of bloggers who look like they live perfect lives.  I am sure their houses are mostly clean and their children are usually good, but no one is perfect.  Everyone has a sloppy jeans and hoodie day.  But blogs are, in many ways, taking the place of magazines.  In some cases, they have even become a business of their own, using multiple writers to carefully curate the picture of a perfect life.

 I would love to be able to make it look like I live in a magazine.  I would love to tell you that there isn't currently yarn all over my couch (Wise Craft's granny square sampler), and that my cutting table isn't covered in fabric and other craft supplies.  I wish I were wearing a blogging worthy outfit, but instead, I am still in my PJs.  This is what my life looks like right now.  I don't think it will ever be magazine worthy.  But i'll keep striving for it.  And i'll blog about it, out of honesty, I suppose.   I've been blogging/online journaling for roughly 15 years (pre livejournal, guys), and as i've grown up, so has the world of blogs.  It has grown from a community sharing the details of their lives to something more public, less personal.  But guess what, bloggers.  Readers still want to see you in your blog, not just the life you've made to present to us.  It helps to remind us you are real people, just like us. 

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