Monday, February 6, 2012

Modern Style Icons

Last week, the ladies over at The Colleterie posted about their personal style icons.  It's great to see where such talented designers find their inspiration.  I wanted to follow up their post with a few of my own modern style icons.

First up, everyone's favorite girl next door: Zooey Deschanel.  It's hard not to love her spunky personality and big blue eyes, but I especially love her cute and retro girly style.  She effortlessly pulls off her signature bangs, and makes a cute dress look like an everyday affair.  It doesn't hurt that she also plays the ukulele, my instrument of choice.

Next, we have another indie sweetheart, Jenny Lewis.  Not only does she have fantastic red hair, she is able to rock high-waisted short shorts and rompers with ease.  And check out that great menswear layering in the center (singing with Elvis Costello, no less). 

Lastly, Christina Hendricks.  Like me, she's a redhead by choice (she started dying it because she loved Anne of Green Gables), and she has a huge amount of body pride in a very narrow minded business.  She's seen as a sex symbol for embracing her awesome curves.  I can get behind a girl like that. 

One thing all of these beautiful ladies have in common is the confidence they exude in their style.  While they all have makeup artists or stylists (if not all the time, then occasionally), they each rock their own look.  When I am choosing an outfit or designing something for myself, I try to choose things I feel confident wearing. 

Who are your style icons? 

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